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Are you showing God’s love to everyone?

December 5, 2007

Bobby Gruenewald of posted an amazing story on his blog (Swerve) this week about showing Christ’s love for all people. As I read the story and looked at my heart and what my thoughts might be in the same situation, I was convicted that far too often I fall short in showing God’s love to others unconditionally. This spoke to me in two areas.

  • Am I loving others who I don’t agree with the choices and/or lifestyles they have chosen? I can’t say that my heart is always ready to look past the person and love them as Christ instructs us to. When is the last time you reached out and had someone over for dinner or to your house?
  • The idea that interacting with those living in sin would convey to them a message of condonement is a lie. I am guilty of thinking that it is my duty to somehow display my disdain for their actions. As if this is somehow going to show them how much I disagree with how they are living their life. We need to show them the love of Christ and let Him work on changing their hearts.
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