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April 14, 2008

As parents we always look forward to the milestones that we reach with our children as they grow up. The first time they roll over. Their first words. The last diaper you have to change. Some of these milestones are motivated by selfishness.  Tonight I reached one of those milestones. I took the opportunity to teach the boys how to mow the yard!


Next milestone…having a date night without the need for a babysitter!

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  1. SSchmedt permalink
    April 15, 2008 9:06 am

    What do they charge? I’ll come and pick them up.

  2. April 15, 2008 9:46 am

    Hot dog!
    I doubt seriously Mr. Heinecke will give the lawn up anytime soon. And I’m not sure I trust either of my boys with a motorized spinning wheel of plastic cording… 🙂 As for date night…only about TWELVE more years to go and we can ditch the last of our kids to go on a date…sheer bliss…

    cute pics of the guys doing “guy stuff”

  3. Martha Vermuth permalink
    September 13, 2008 1:19 pm

    as for the date night, we have enjoyed it for the last 3 years. Its wonderfule being a parent and telling your 17yr old daughter not to make plans on Saturday. My only dilemma is, do I encourage her to go away to school and experience life to the fullest or stay home and commute so that I dont have to find a new sitter.


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