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I know it’s windy, but c’mon!

May 2, 2008

Those of us in OKC know the wind blows all of the time, we get an occasional tornado, and an ice storm or two each winter.  But is it a living hell?  I don’t think so!

Apparently, some think that our weather is worthy of awarding our fine city as #5 on their 10 worst hells on earth list.  Are you kidding me!  Baghdad, Mogadishu, Chernobyl, and yes…Oklahoma City.  Yes, they compared the weather we deal with to the conlict in Baghdad, pollution in Bangladesh, radiation in Chernobyl, and the lawlessness in Mogadishu.

Here is what they wrote:

While it may be all hunky-dory on the musical front, Oklahoma City isn’t the kind of place you’d want to hang out in for too long if you like to keep your feet on terra firma. The weather is frighteningly unpredictable, with blizzards often descending on the city and winds that could knock a high rise clean off its feet. It is, after all, located in the direct path of “Tornado Alley.”

The worst time to visit would be from March to August, when The Day After Tomorrow-style weather is pretty much expected. In fact, the severe weather season makes Dorothy’s Kansas look positively calm, with Oklahoma City being the city worst affected by tornadoes in the United States. One of the most powerful tornadoes on record — an F5 with wind speeds of 320 mph — devastated much of the city in 1999, securing its place on our list of hells on earth.

Windy…yes.  Hell on earth…I don’t think so!

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  1. michaelmanasseh permalink
    May 4, 2008 10:22 pm

    I agree it’s not that bad for those of us who have lived here our whole lives, but I hear a lot of my friends outside of Oklahoma say the same things… bunch of wussy’s!

  2. May 7, 2008 4:12 pm

    I cuss it on a weekly basis. However, I feel they are a bit off base. They say “most of the city” was destroyed in the F5 tornado. MOST? I would say maybe 5%

    Listing OKC in this list comes from way out in left field but we do have pretty bad weather and my most hated is on our heels. Are you ready for 100 degree days and swamp ass? I’m not.


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