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Frustrated by Inconvenience

June 9, 2008

Isn’t it amazing how much we seek convenience and get frustrated when it is interrupted?

Amy lost her cell phone this week and we are coming to realize how much we rely on this technology.  I find myself getting frustrated in the middle of the day because I can’t reach her. How did we function before cell phones?

Speaking of cell phones, I couldn’t get a data connection on my iPhone today for about 3 hours. Once again, I actually found myself getting frustrated that I couldn’t do the things I am accustomed to.

How about television. With the advent of the DVR we now get to watch TV on our own schedule AND not have to watch any commercials. Now that is convenient! How did we ever watch TV prior to the DVR?  I know we watched TV when the kids were little, but I honestly don’t know how we pulled it off.  Now we wait until everyone is in bed before turning on the TV and watch what was recorded earlier. While that sounds great, there is nothing more frustrating than recording a show only to miss the finale because the network is running 15 minutes late!

Wikipedia says, Convenience is anything that is intended to save time, energy or frustration.” And Frustration is an emotion that occurs in situations where one is blocked from reaching a personal goal. The more important the goal, the greater the frustration.”

Ok, I’m busted! I’ve been frustrated all day because of minor (and temporary) inconveniences that we didn’t even have a few years ago.

Obviously, my convenience is too important of a goal for me! How about you?

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  1. Brent (BS) permalink
    June 13, 2008 8:08 am

    Convenience is WAY to important for all americans, myself included. Which is why we are a consumer nation.


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